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Managed IT Services

Whether you need partial IT support or full service, we can help keep you operations running smoothly. We look to catching problems before they happen as even small IT oversights can lead to costly downtime. With customized alerts, our systems will identify suspicious activity and send warnings in real time.

Network Design

For optimal performance and setting in the right path, your system needs have a solid network design in place. We are experienced in both LAN and WAN. We cover all areas of networking which include network infrastructure, cabling, network files, email, print, fax, internet access, computer hardware and software.

Cloud & Server Design

Choosing the right server can be vital to have a well oil machines with little downtime. We support in-house servers as well as help you setup with all hosting companies such as AWS, Hostek, Godaddy, Siteground, IBM, etc . We analyze your parameters and find best solutions to serve your exact needs while keeping cost to a minimal.

Cyber Security

Get peace of mind as we implement your cyber security and data protection from hackers and malware. We start with our security audits and assessments. Once done, implementing comprehensive protections measures to strengthen your defense against security threats. We also offer user training to help clients better protect themselves.

Computer & Mobile

If broken, we can fix it! Have your computer and mobile device working in tip top shape. Streamline procurement, security, and tracking of phones, tablets, and laptop. Complete lifecycle management and support for your company devices. We cover PC, Apple IOS, Android and other devices.

Web Development

Your website is your company’s online business card. Having the right branding, messaging, effective UI/UX with a modern layout and design can determine how great your website will convert visitors to potential customers. Our approval process we have in place ensures customer satisfaction.